HR that works with the brain,
not against it

As HR professionals we work with a lot of HR teams – using our brain-savvy approach to get the best from HR processes and people.

The secret is understanding how the brain works best then remodelling HR practices around it. Small changes can have huge effects: creating training programmes that people actually remember. Building performance management used all year round. And adding scientific rigour to a lot of existing best practice.

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Why does HR need to be brain-savvy?


In HR, many practices we’ve inherited over the years don’t work with the way the human brain works best. The latest findings from neuroscience can offer you a better understanding of your people. And by applying these findings you can get the very best from every brain in the business.

Our book uses neuroscience to help you define the guiding sense of purpose that's a key feature of effective HR leadership.

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Neuroscience for HR on-line programme


In this short series of programmes we introduce the key findings from neuroscience as they relate to HR. work. We created this on-line programme as an introduction to neuroscience for HR: showing how it explains why people act the way they do; how we – and the people we work with – can change; and the way key concepts, like engagement, reward and motivation, work in the brain. We wanted to share around some of this important evidence, propose how it can inform HR work, and hopefully give you some answers to a few thorny questions.

Brain-savvy HRBrain-savvy HR