Brain-savvy Business
August 28, 2016
How your work habits may hinder your brain
September 2, 2016

Brain-savvy HR: a neuroscience evidence base.

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Why does HR need to be “brain-savvy”? Our book will tell you and guide you through how understanding neuroscience can help you be more successful.



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As HR professionals we spend a lot of time carefully planning our processes and policies. But when we crunch the numbers we’re not being as effective as we should be.

+      people keep on doing what they were doing

+      reward systems aren’t providing the motivation we’d expect

+      everyone’s busy but they’re not being truly creative

+      we don’t have a pipeline of talent for our top jobs

We’re not being brain-savvy. We need to understand our brains, as well as use them. The latest findings from neuroscience show us how to work with the way that brains have

developed, in order to:

+      create fulfillment

+      make good decisions

+      change habits

+      achieve goals and

+      train good leaders

This book uses neuroscience to help you define the guiding sense of purpose that’s a key feature of effective HR leadership. It shows how the latest research can improve your daily policies and practice. And gives you the insight and tools to maximise your own performance. With case studies from organisations that have been using neuroscience to solve their business problems.

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