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August 28, 2018
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The rise of the Roberts

The Success Profile for
in Talent Strategy 

The rise of the Roberts

The Success Profile in Talent StrategyThe Success Profile in Talent Strategy

What if you could clone your best people? It’s what every manager secretly wishes they could do; a heartfelt response to the bewildering array of complex talent ‘interventions’ and performance management initiatives that try to address what seems to be a remarkably straightforward problem. ‘Take Bob’ they say, ‘he’s my best guy. I wish I had ten more like him. If you could just clone Bob for me, I’d be happy.’

"Cloning your staff either biologically or by managerial means is never a good idea. You can understand why it’s tempting. But in trying to clone success, Genes-R-Us killed off diversity, flexibility and innovation in their workforce – the very ingredients on which success relies.

So what should they have done instead?

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