September 1, 2016

Brain-savvy HR: a neuroscience evidence base

Why does HR need to be “brain-savvy”? Our book will tell you and guide you through how understanding neuroscience can help you be more successful.
September 6, 2016

Emotional Intelligence – the evidence

“The problem with business is that it is afraid of dealing with the business of people.” We look at EQ and neuroscience
September 12, 2016

Increase the ROI on your training investment

ROI is the holy grail for training but whether or not you have a methodology using the understanding from neuroscience to design and deliver training will get you a better return for your investment
September 12, 2016

Want to get your HR initiative agreed?

‘The goal of a presentation to your boss is not to get him to think you’re smart, but to get him to think he’s smart to support your idea’. Here is how neuroscience can help you do it.