Mindset for success
April 5, 2017
False growth mind-set
April 5, 2017

The work of Carol Dweck on Fixed and Growth mind-set

This month in the Brain-savvy Business community, we look at the work of Carol Dweck on Fixed and Growth mind-set together with her recent work on how mind-sets impact culture. In this post, you will find:
  • Webinar- Fixed and Growth Mind-set - what it means for business
  • Article – 3 articles on Dweck’s research, one to assess your own mind-set and what it means, one to cover the impact on culture and some new science on False growth mind-set
  • Video – Gremlins
  • Science sheet - The science of Mind-set. Download as PDF
  • Case studies – Recruiting for Growth Mind-set
  • Reflection questions to help you reflect on the materials and how it applies to you, your organization and your team
  • Tools –Changing mind-set and Finding the right mind-set
Please take advantage of the experience of other members of the Brain-savvy Business community and post.

What’s the mind-set in your organisation?

A few questions for you to turn over in your mind before you get stuck in to this month’s community content:

  • How do you – personally and as an organisation – define ‘talent’? Are they those who have the highest test scores like IQ or EQ, or those who take a risk and learn from their mistakes?
  • What’s your recruitment policy? Do you hire people with experience of doing a similar role in a similar company or do you look for aptitude and potential to grow with the role?
  • What happens when someone messes up a project? Do you take the learning and apply it to other projects or lower the employee’s performance rating and compensation whilst brushing the mistakes under the carpet?
  • When you invite people to attend a development programme, do you help them to understand the benefits and how they will grow as a result?
  • What are your beliefs about your own success? Were you simply born with certain talents and abilities and fortunate enough to find roles that allow you to make the most of them? Or do you enjoy testing your abilities, looking for new challenges and learning the skills required to overcome them?


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