Performance Feedback- Mining Data
July 7, 2017
Are we nearly there yet?
July 8, 2017

July 2017. How feedback systems can help mine data

How feedback systems can help
mine data

This month in the Brain-savvy Business community, we look at feedback and in particular how feedback systems can help mine data. Our webinar features a colleague David Perks who runs Pay Complement a software company which creates feedback and talent systems. David designs his software to be brain-savvy. He shares a case study with us. We have also included our webinar, articles and video on feedback. In this post, you will find:
  • Webinar- Performance feedback - data mining case study
  • Webinar – The feedback debate
  • Article – The feedback debate
  • Article - David Perks Are we there yet on Feedback data
  • Video – Feedback and the brain
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