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November 7, 2016
New science – Utilising feedback successfully
November 21, 2016

Minimising threat &
maximising reward in the brain

This, our first month of the Brain-savvy Business community, we look at Minimising threat and maximising reward in the brain. In this post you will find:
  • Webinar- Minimising threat and maximising reward
  • Article - Where does threat and reward play out in business?
  • Video – CORE model
  • Video – Know yourself
  • Science sheet - The science of threat and reward. Download as PDF
  • Case studies - Performance management that works
  • Bonus article - What’s new with the science of Performance Management? A look at feedback, threat and reward
  • Reflection questions to help you reflect on the materials and how it applies to you, your organization and your team.
Please take advantage of the experience of other members of the Brain-savvy Business community and post.

Reflection questions


Use these questions to orientate you thinking as you watch and read about Minimising threat and maximising reward.

What does threat and reward look like in your organisation?

Are people able to take control of their job and have choice about how they work within a shared purpose?

Are people clear about what is expected of them?

Are people praised for their achievements?

Are leaders interested in individuals’ as human’s, their values, beliefs and ambitions?

Are people given positive feedback on their progress towards goals?

Would people say the culture is fair and honest?

Is communication transparent?  

How easy is it to implement changes in the organisation? From the leadership on down, how is everybody involved in making these changes?

How do people manage when there are changes? How much resistance is there?


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