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February 13, 2017
The choice, conformity or difference?
February 13, 2017

Social connection

This month in the Brain-savvy Business community, we look at the importance of social connection in business. In this post, you will find:
  • Several videos that talk about different aspects of social connection, this includes a tool for accessing a state of empathy
  • Article – Social connection, a super power
  • Science sheet – Social connection
  • Link to Social Connection self-assessment
Please take advantage of the experience of other members of the Brain-savvy Business community and post.

Social Connection

I thought you would find it interesting to look at your own levels of social connection. The link below will give access to part of our Brain-savvy self-assessment questionnaire. When you complete the questions, you will get an analysis of your social connection self-assessment as well as a copy of your answers via email.

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