Creating an inclusive culture
May 25, 2018
Being a strategic HR professional
June 11, 2018

May 2018. We look at Authenticity and some of the challenges being raised about being able to continue to grow and develop and be authentic.

Engize - Resources

View the additional resources below and use the "Future is Now Tool" or the "Groan Model" to plan your goals and to get clear about how you will use your learnings.

Once you have collected your thoughts, focus in on two or three areas that you will prioritise to work on. For each of these, you might find it useful to consider;
  • What action will I take and what will success look like?
  • What will my first step be?
  • What resources are available to support me / how can I access them?
  • How will I move my learning on to the next level once I have completed my first step?
Then challenge yourself by coming back to Business Factor again in 3-6 months time – this will give you the opportunity to practice what you have learnt and see how the choices you make have changed. Good luck and all the best from everyone at Engize!

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