Brain Savvy Business:  the series

Following the success of our book, Brain-savvy Business: 8 Principles from neuroscience and how to apply them we are offering a series of short workshops for business professionals.

dotsOver recent years developments in functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) have enabled scientists to understand much more about how the brain works. Social neuroscience has applied their findings to the real world of human interaction. Areas such as decision making, trust, fairness and reactions to change have all been scrutinised. Some of this data is confirming psychological theory; some data is calling long help assumptions into question.

These two hour workshops will give insight into how brain-savvy your approach to work is, and how working with a better understanding of the brain can make you more effective and efficient as well as improve your job satisfaction and engagement. You will come away with new understanding and tools to apply your knowledge.


Each session in the series covers the principle’s science, the application to business policy and tools to use back at work.


The series

The series will covers the eight principles from our book plus:

An introduction to brain-savvy working: Understanding the foundations of neuroscience as it applies to business. In the workshop we will cover brain basics – a simple but powerful way to remember the basic parts of the brain plus an understanding of the way the brain operates in a work context and what this means for the way you work effectively. We will also introduce three key findings relevant to business and how to use the understanding.

Each session in the series covers the principle’s science, the application to business policy and tools to use back at work.

The principles are:

Minimising threat and maximising reward – how to avoid creating threat as a leader and how rewards can be maximised

Social connection: a super power – many companies could benefit from understanding how connection between people drives productivity and high performance

Mind-set Matters – looking at the work of Carol Dweck on mind-set and how mind-set impacts success.

Emotions win the day – how to understand manage and effectively use emotions in business.

Brain-savvy learning – understanding how to design your development and training strategy to maximise learning, behaviour change and a return on your investment.

Change equals new behavioural habits – so much of what we do is habit. Habits are out of our conscious awareness so changing them, and by implication changing anything in business requires a specific formula.

Create brain-savvy working habits – many leaders acquire work habits that compromise the brains potential. For high performance working in a way that maximises the brain makes sense.

Managing energy– if you can manage the energy in your organisation you get multiple benefits.


These interactive workshops are designed for business professionals at all levels. The insights we cover have relevance for leaders, managers and those emerging into these roles.


In recent years, there has been a stronger focus on doing more with less: a cry for greater profits with less resource. As such, there is an ever present spotlight on leaders to ensure that they deliver this.

Recent findings in neuroscience offer leaders some new and exciting ways to think about how they maximise their personal effectiveness and the performance of their team.


The team running our workshop are all experienced business people as well as facilitators with deep expertise. They bring their own experience and examples to their facilitation, as well as insights and understanding from consulting with successful companies. They are all members of our neuroscience study group so also bring understanding in brain-savvy learning and the neuroscience based content.

Debate – we recognise this is new! We ensure you can debate the implications for your performance as well as how these findings can be used in the business.

Tools and application -it is all very well gaining insight but you need to be able to do something with it. We will take your insight further by introducing tools that you can use back at work for yourself, with your team and with business leaders.

Experiential learning – our workshops factor in time for you to try out new techniques. So when you get back to work you can apply what you have learnt using the tools we have given you.


Our workshop design is based on the latest neuroscientific research into how the brain learns.


Brain-savvy learning

Our workshop design is based on the latest neuroscientific research into how the brain learns. This research shows the brain retains information best in smaller chunks over longer periods of time and with opportunities for reflection and practice in between. The brain also likes to learn with others. We have organised our programme around this brain- savvy understanding. So you get maximum benefit from the time you put in.

You can watch our video Brain-Savvy Learning here

Costs and numbers

Talk to us about an in-house programme which we will deliver taking account of your specific areas of focus. The price for a face to face two hour session is £2000 for up to 20 people and for a webinar £2000 for up to 30 people. We typically split webinars into two 45 minute sessions with participants having the opportunity to apply their insights between sessions. We are happy to run workshops over lunchtime if that suits your business.

To book or to find out further details please email Sarah North or call her on 07770394256