The Neuroscience and Business
Virtual Breakfast Club 


There is a debate brewing about whether leader should be or even can be truly authentic. Here is some of the science to get you pondering and come to your own conclusions and what your leaders should be focused on.
dots The Brain-savvy Business Breakfast Club grew out of clients asking us how various business issues could be better managed by following the insights from neuroscience. We run a face to face club in London and many clients outside London asked if there was a way for them to take part. The Virtual Breakfast Club creates a webinar each month which you can join and participant in. We typically give some brief insight into the neuroscience findings and then members discuss and debate the implications and application to their business. The club has gone from strength to strength with more than 200 people registering for most topics.

The webinar recordings are available each month on our Brain-savvy Business Community along with articles, tools and other resources exclusive to community members as well as access to all previous webinar recordings and many videos. You can join for as little as £9.95 per month or £95 per year (plus VAT)

If you would like to join the Virtual Breakfast Club, please just register for one of the event and we will add you to the invitation list. If you are interested in joining the face to face breakfast club and join senior colleagues discussing the topics, please contact