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October 24, 2017
Stereotypes in the workplace
October 25, 2017

Gender stereotypes and their impact….really still?


Gender stereotypes and their impact….really still?

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Do we really need to be talking about gender stereotypes in 2017? The numbers of women at the top of organisations would suggest we do but the evidence is confusing.

In a survey conducted for my forthcoming book Brain-savvy Wo+man, we asked over 1000 people if they had experienced unequal treatment at work based on gender. 70% of women said they hadn’t experienced any unequal treatment. This surprised us at first. But on reflection in the light of many women wanting to make it on their own merit we began to understand the result. And when we look at the numbers of women in senior roles, especially leadership roles we know some women, at least 30%, but probably more overall, are suffering if not from being treated unequally then because of the impact of stereotypes in the work place.

Why do we think this? Well we can’t ignore that men still hold 84 percent of the seats on executive committees in the top 350 UK businesses and the number isn’t so different in the public sector. Men do have a disproportionate hold on the positions of power and influence – and so it continues.

This interactive discussion will look at stereotypes how they are formed, maintained and their impact at work. We will also share some of the finding from our research. We will discuss some practical advice on what works to manage in a workplace where stereotypes persist.



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